Never Shave Your Ass - Ultimate Guitar - she shaves his ass


I Attempted To Shave My Ass Because GQ Wants Me To - Mandatory she shaves his ass

Take it from this guy who took the time to shave his ass hair and did it terribly wrong. Source: Men's “Don't Shave That Hair!!! . She takes a spoonful daily. By.

My girlfriend at the time mentioned how she spent quite a bit of time keeping her of a man who got a nasty infection of the hair follicles due to shaving his butt.

Do heterosexual girls like a guy with a shaved ass, and do guys who do this have any opinion/tips on it? going to point out that my ass (or more specifically the area near my anus) is hairy. I suggest not shaving. fact of the matter is that girls don't like guys that 'over' groom. if you shave your ass and she can't tell then .