Susan Sarandon is right to show off her simply wonderful boobs at 70 - susan sarandan breast


Update: Kate Winslet Jokes About ‘Shameless’ Groping Of Susan Sarandon’s Breasts | susan sarandan breast

Susan Sarandon had her luscious boobs boosted at age 70 and is now on the prowl for a toyboy lover, sources say. Top cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn says the 5-foot-7 brunette “appears to have had breast enhancement” surgery “with implants.” She’s had a string of boytoys since.

SUSAN SARANDON has stripped off for an array of movies and her X-rated scenes include those in movie Pretty Baby.

STOP what you're doing right now – immediately – and worship at the bosom of Susan Sarandon. The year-old actress hit the red carpet at.