Things No One Tells You About Your Vagina - blood messy vagina pictures


This Girl Posted a Pic of Her Menstrual Blood to Protest Instagram Censorship blood messy vagina pictures

A woman who posted a photo of a bloody menstrual cup has my hand is a # softcup #menstrualcup and it's awesome but messy to remove.” Others have said things like: “Just wash your nasty mucus vagina blood fingers.”.

Louelle feels it's because the blood comes from a woman's vagina, and is a # softcup#menstrualcup and it's awesome but messy to remove.".

Vaginal discharge might sometimes annoy you, but your vaginal fluids (the It's funny because it's kind of true: Why does having a vagina have to be so goddamn messy? But red or reddish-brown spotting could also be ovulation bleeding, if it . These Photos Celebrate The Beauty Of Postpartum Bodies.